Rufus Stewart with his fans Reid Jamieson (left) and Valdy (right)

Rufus is the person on Vancouver Island who I trust to work on my instruments. He is world class and we are lucky to have him here on Vancouver Island. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, I don’t want him to get too busy!
– Doug Cox

Bought my favourite from you (nylon string guitar), and after that sweet set up with pick up, I get nothing but compliments on the sound everywhere I go. And my Taylor is like new and a joy to play! Who knew a tune up in your hands could make such a difference to this instrument I thought I knew so well. You are a master. Long may you run!
– Reid Jamieson

A quick note to say the octave mandolin is restored more than I had thought possible. Thanks again ever so much. Wonderful!!
– Hugh McMillan

I just wanted to thank you again for your work on my Gibson. I haven’t played in a while and I’ve noticed an amazing difference in the ease of fingerwork after your adjustments on the nut, bridge and frets. Wow! It’s a new guitar. I’ve fallen in love with playing it all over again. Thanks so much!
– Nikki

Unbelievable craftsmanship. Rufus was able to repair some very significant damage on my priceless to me ‘78 Larrivee that happened during a move. Not only does it look as good as new, but it plays and sounds so much better than it ever did (which is saying a lot for this guitar) Absolutely amazing! Thank you Rufus! Jordan Long

Thanks one more time for doing an excellent bit of surgery and rehab with my Oskar Graf. What kind of gears are the ones you put on the guitar? There is something going on with them. You passed me my guitar in tune. And it is still perfectly in tune. I haven’t tuned it even once. I’ve never seen that before. Of course the neck job has got to be playing a role too. I am now playing for another day and still, perfect tuning. What ever you did, wow. My fingers don’t hurt at all now. I’ve played a lot each day. The sound quality is at least as beautiful as it used to be. I love that sound even though my playing is stumble-footed. – Bill Davidson

The action on my Martin was getting quite high that it was digging into my fingers. Rufus fixed the problem . I was quite happy with his work. Now I can play without pain. – John Bryson

Well I’ve been playing this guitar for the last couple of hours and it literally is a new instrument. I’m not sure of all the reasons but to my old ears it’s magic. This guitar always seemed a little too strong in the midrange but now it has the sweet overtones that Brazilian Rosewood brings. I found in the past it seemed some notes were a little louder/softer than others. That seems to have been cured! ***ing awesome! Thanks for your great work.– Stephen H.

Just an added note as a special thank you for the work you did on my Simon & Patrick Guitar.  What a tremendous difference your work has made with this guitar; it is such a pleasure to learn and play.  Chording is so much easier up the neck and note tones seem richer.

Rod Lomas

 Hi Rufus, hey man, I just spent the day recording and my guitar sounds sooooooo great!…and it’s a pleasure to play. Thanks again for taking good care of all my toys! Ciao Greg

I am very happy with my “new” guitar. Thanks again for fast tracking the work, I appreciate it. – Glen

One of the most wonderful memories I have in recent years is delivering his (my late father’s) newly, refurbished guitar to him in the midst of my mom’s challenges with cancer. I didn’t tell him it was his guitar, but suggested he play for her one of the old songs he used to sing in the early days of their courting. When he discovered his old Martin ringing out so true and beautifully, he kept on playing for a long while…I have a picture of him singing, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” to her. Pretty special. He didn’t do alot of playing after that – full time care of my mother consumed him, but his guitar was always close at hand if anyone was interested in hearing a song… – Kate M.Thank you again for the fine work on my beloved guitar. I’m in heaven. Tunes up perfectly and plays so smoothly again, and the pick up sounds great. Haven’t had the guitar out of my hands since it came home, except to sleep briefly. I’ll take better care of it now.All the best,– Rex W.

Thank you so much for the choice of, and installation of pick up in my D-35. I couldn’t be happier! It has never played so nice. I just purchased a stratocaster that is sorely in need of a set up and am hoping you would be interested in performing your magic on that too!– Tom G.

Absolutely amazing! So much experience and so many amazing stories. Does incredible work. Highly recommended ❤❤❤ – Rebecca Lawrence

I have dealt with Rufus for many years, even back to his earlier locations, and cannot say enough about how amazing his service and quality of work is. His care and knowledge have really been a huge benefit to me, and many other friends in the music world. We are so lucky to have such a craftsman as  Rufus in our community. – Gregg D.